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Manufacturer of mailboxes and parcel boxes

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Schlanders, Italy (South Tyrol)

Zwick GmbH was founded in 1848 and is one of the leading mailbox manufacturers in Europe. The company develops, produces and markets mailboxes, mailbox systems and parcel boxes for the European market. The production range and depth allow a wide selection of mailbox models: from free-standing communal housing systems to sophisticated flush-mounted mailboxes with devices for video control including bell and intercoms. In addition, under the “ZWICKbox” label, intelligent parcel box systems are produced in various customer-specific variants. Furthermore, the company’s metalworking shop serves customers in metal and facade construction, and on a contract basis, powder-coating as well as laser cutting can be carried out using state-of-the-art production equipment.


Expansion into further geographical markets.

Our Companies

My wife and myself were convinced by the long-term entrepreneurial approach of Mr. Spielberger and Mr. Nava. It enables our family-owned company to maintain its independence in the long term, and to consistently pursue its successful current strategy. The acquisition by Mr. Spielberger and Mr. Nava is an ideal solution for our company and our employees.

In a complex transaction, the two parts of the company, today’s Aartech GmbH and Wärmebehandlung Klingnau AG, were spun-off from Quant and transferred to independent SMEs. Mr. Spielberger and Mr. Nava have taken a pragmatic approach to this complex transaction and have completed it within a very short time.

After many years of belonging to a large corporation, Wärmebehandlung Klingnau AG is now able to freely address the entire market as an independent SME thanks to the acquisition by Mr. Spielberger, Mr. Nava and myself and can be developed with a long-term perspective. That has given our company a real boost of energy.

The Soleal team is highly professional in all aspects, from due diligence to share purchase agreement preparation up to the implementation of the transaction. We are very happy to have sold our shares to Mr. Nava and Mr. Spielberger, because they build on the cooperation of the existing shareholders and continue to run the company based on our philosophy.

As the managing director, I am responsible for a smooth customer experience within Härterei Arbon. The ownership of Mr. Spielberger and Mr. Nava fully supports this goal. Our company has transferred into very good and long-term oriented hands.

For us, choosing the best buyer for our Swiss family business was a challenging decision. With Mr. Spielberger and Mr. Nava we have made the optimal choice. Together with the two gentlemen we have selected the suitable successor as managing director. Our voice and opinion were always considered in the process. You can clearly see that the two gentlemen have successfully mastered succession situations several times.

With the handover of the company to Messrs Spielberger and Nava, we were able to create an entrepreneurial and sustainable succession solution, particularly in the interests of our employees. The pragmatic and at the same time very professional approach of the very experienced team convinced us completely and fits perfectly to the culture and size of the company.

For us as former owners, very little has changed in our daily business routine. We continue to enjoy great entrepreneurial freedom with the great advantage of having an experienced sparring partner at our side.